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Berglyd is located in Sokndal, at the southern tip of Rogaland, right next to Vatland and Nesvåg. The Viking Orvar Odd was born and raised here.

Text: Arnt Olav Klippenberg and Dalane Folkemuseum

On the road up to Berglyd, you first encounter a spectacular glacial erratic balanced on a rocky knoll near the road. The stone was placed here when the ice melted 10,000 years ago. The road up to Berglyd is worth a trip in itself, and once you’re in Odd’s childhood realm, I recommend a walk over the hills and descend to Åvendal. At Berglyd, you will find Faksektjern. Fakse was Odd’s horse. Take County Road 33. I would recommend parking the car and walking up to Berglyd (and perhaps further).

The glacial erratic on the way up to Berglyd.

The roar from Berglyd to Åvendal.

Faksektjern at Berglyd, named after Odd’s horse.

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