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Orvar Odd

We know Orvar Odd from an Icelandic saga. He was born and raised at Berglyd in the far south of Rogaland.

Text: Arnt Olav Klippenberg

Odd was a restless soul. He traveled across large parts of the known world. It was not until he was old that he returned home. According to the saga, Odd was buried in a place where he could hear the sea, the rooster at Berglyd, and the church bells. That place is the summit of Oddsfjellet.

As a curiosity, I can mention that four premier league football clubs can be associated with the Viking Odd. Read more about Orvar Odd here.

Orvar-Odd delivers the news of Hjalmar’s death to Princess Ingeborg. Painting: August Malmström, 1859.

Hjalmar’s farewell to Orvar Odd after the battle at Samsö (1866) by Mårten Winge.

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