From June to December, Egersund has lots of festivals in town. There can never be too many festivals in this city. Egersund offers itself and shows the diversity. A festival in Egersund involves, among other things, music, animals, shows and culture and Christmas atmosphere together with nice people of all ages.

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Dalane Culture Festival

Dalane cultural festival 2019 is organized under the main genre “art” and with the theme FLOM. In the 4 Dalane municipalities there will be many exciting and fun activities for young and old all week long!

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Lighthouse Festival

The Lighthouse Festival is a culture festival for people with disabilities who dance, play music, perform theater or take part in other cultural activities. This is a festival where participants and leaders can be themselves in events that are tailored to the target audience. 

The lighthouse festival shows Egersund from its best side; inclusive, accomodating, generous and full of laughter and joy. Concerts and activities stand in line with participants who spread unendingly much joy during the two days the festival is going on. 

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Blues Festival

A hearty welcome to the Dalane Blues Festival where you have the opportunity to experience local, national and international artists who fill our city with music for 3 days.

In short, welcome to the party in the town with song and music and with the opportunity for great joy and well-being at one of our many stages. As a spectator, you can catch about 35 different events spread over the whole festival. Enjoy the big Blues Tent in the center of the market place, take a tour up to the town’s toughest concert stage, the Sykkelverkstedet, let the rockefoot go to the Grand Scene or enjoy an alternative concert at Konsulatet.

For more information about this year’s artists and the program vist the webpage or Facebook.

Song Festival

Egersund Song Festival was established in 1994 and is Norway’s oldest song festival. Welcome to Egersund!

There will be pleasant reunions and second looks with artists who have been at the festival before, and also new, exciting names.

According to tradition, the first day always starts in the park by Strandgata. After the festival is officially opened, there will be music and culture on the city’s stages.

Read more about the around 50 concerts at the webpage and Facebook.

October Festival

Egersund’s Men’s Choral Society and Berentsens Brygghus, both with over 115 years experience in delighting people each in their own way, are organizing together a real Octoberfest in Egersund with singalong, entertainment, good food and specially brewed beverages!

If you want to experience outstandingly good atmosphere this fall, make sure you secure tickets early!

Read more about the Octoberfest here: oktoberfestiegersund.no.

The Egersund Week

The Egersund Week is a week in the summer where there are activities throughout the city, every day. The shops have great deals and the city offers different experiences and activities every day. Car Day, Children’s Day and Fishing Day are just some of what you can experience this week. The Egersund Week tends to be in late June to early July.

Autumn Market

Come join in making the fall brighter and the town happier.

The farmers take their animals to downtown Egersund. There will be sales of local food and different handicrafts as well as various activities and competitions for young and old.

The shops abound with exciting fall news and great deals.
Stores are open from 0900 – 1600

Culture Evening

The cultural department in Eigersund municipality, together with the center association, organizes cultural nights with concerts, exhibitions and films around the entire center.

The shops are open until 20:00, there will be events until 24:00 and a ticket that gives access to all activities can be purchased at Egersund cinema.

The Christmas City

Surrounded by small wooden houses and a cozy atmosphere you will find the Christmas town with smells, tastes and sounds that get you in the right mood. Organized annually over two weekends, Thursday through Sunday, in the month of November – December.

You will find full program, overview of events and practical information on the website.