Biking tours

Taking the bike is a great way to experience Egersund. There are many opportunities. We have listed 6 different cycling routes based on the center of Egersund with a good variety of length.

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1. Nordsjøveien from Egersund to Hellvik

To cycle on Nordsjøveien from Egersund to Hellvik is a fantastic trip which stretches over 12 superb kilometers on well-developed walking trails/gravel roads. Along the way there are many great lookout points and picnic areas. A nice alternative, if it is too far to cycle back and forth, is to turn around at Maurholen or take the train one way. The route is part of the Nordsjøveien (North Sea road) and is well marked. From centre, follow highway Fv. 44 to the station where you turn left and follow highway Fv. 502 in the direction of Eigerøy. Here you can follow the walking and biking trail all the way to the intersection at Gamle Eigerøyveien. There you cross the road and you will see the path just after the underpass of Eigerøyveien. This route is used a lot by hikers, and cyclists are advised to show respect for them.

2. Centre – Tengs/ Kosen – Vingård – Langevann – Centre

On this fine round trip suited for all family, you can bike on the sidewalk in the first part of the trip. From centre, follow Fv. 44 to Tengs. Here you can stop for a round of mini golf at Steinsnes camping or an ice cream at Kosen. At the intersection of Jærveien and Tengsareidveien turn to the right and then take the first exit on the right onto Vingårdsveien. At the top of Vingårdsveien there is a gravel road over to the Langevann residential area. There are nice swimming possibilities at the end of Store Langevann and from there down to the ccenter there is a nice walking and biking path. The round trip will be altogether just under 10 km.

3. Centre – Mjølhus – Kjervall

This is a great tour by foot and bike path from centre, via Rv. 42 to the exit towards Mjølhus. The tour continues through Sletteidveien to the bottom of the gravel road towards Kjervall. The trail has low traffic and is therefore well suitable for families. In the middle of the hill to Kjervall there is a nice deep pool in the stream which is on the right side of the gravel road. Here it is nice to take a dip on a hot summer day after strenuous tour up the hill. Continuing from the pool, follow the gravel road towards Kjervall. From here you can also swing by the path to Trollpikken. There are several nice places to take a break and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The return trip comes to about 17 km.

4. Centre – Hestnes

This trip goes to beautiful Hestnes where you can enjoy the open sea views and beautiful hiking trails as an extension of your cycling tour. This stretch follows a walking and cycling route along Fv. 44 towards Sokndal. You can then take Gamle Sokndalsveien where there is partially mixed traffic for a short distance. At Lygre there is the start of a pedestrian and bicycle path that runs almost all the way to the parking place by the sea. Here are beautiful tour areas that are well marked. The round trip bike tour is 8 km from centre.

5. Centre – Koldalsbakken – Puntervoll – Nodland i Heia – Veshovda – Centre

This round trip is about 35 km and can be cycled in both directions depending on your wishes and the wind conditions. There is some uphill at the start of the trip and the total vertical rise is 700 meters. The route is mainly on asphalt, but has a smaller part on a gravel road. There is usually not much traffic on the asphalt road.

From centre, bike towards Sokndal (Fv. 44) to the intersection towards Koldal. Turn left and follow the signs on the asphalted road towards Puntervold and Koldal. At the intersection at Hegdal turn left towards Vindbirkeland.  Follow the asphalt road straight until you reach the gravel road at the end of Nodlandsvatnet lake. The gravel road proceeds for about 0.5 km before it meets an asphalt road that takes you all the way back to centre. On the way from Nodland towards Veshovda you pass the tour area at Horve, where great cycling routes in the terrain have been developed. This is a nice area well suited for a rest. From Horve you can return via Veshovda and then down Koldalsbakken until you bike back to the centre.

6. Centre – Skadbergsanden

Here the goal is really worth the trip. Skadbergsanden is Egersund’s pride when it comes to bathing beaches. In beautiful summer weather there is little that can compare with the fresh breeze and warm sea air. Biking the 15 kilometers makes the body extra thankful to be able to get a dip in the cooling open sea afterwards. The bike trip follows asphalted roads; several stretches has pedestrian/bike paths. 

Follow Fv. 44 from centre to the station of Egersund. Turn right and follow Fv. 502 towards Eigerøy. After the bridge over to Eigerøy turn right on Ytstebrødveien and follow it all the way until the sea appears on the left side of the road. You will see a big parking place by Skadbergsanden. Enjoy the trip!