City Walks

Historic wooden buildings

Egersund town has one of the best preserved wooden housing settlements in Norway. Large parts of the town area are now zoned as a special antiquarian preservation area. Strandgaten was formerly the city’s main street. It came into being after a zoning regulation in 1843 when a large fire left the entire settlement in ashes. During the reconstruction, the outer districts got straight streets in a uniform grid pattern. A town worthy of preservation with wooden houses dating back hundreds of years in time. Everyone is encouraged to take a city walk in Egersund, whether you live here or not. Here we find more history than we can imagine. From Egersund Church, which has its history from far back in the Viking era, to the Egersund Porcelain Factory. Let us not forget the row of boathouses that can not be negatively affected by high or low tide, mostly because we do not have tides in the harbour.

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Join a guided cultural walk in Egersund throughout July, each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11.00.